11 Times Square, New York City, NY 10036 - October 5, 2017

October is Cyber Security Month and Oct 5th is NYMJCSC 2016!


Cybersecurity begins with a simple message everyone using the Internet can adopt: STOP. THINK. CONNECT. Take security and safety precautions, understand the consequences of your actions and behaviors online and enjoy the benefits of the Internet.

Use National Cyber Security Awareness Month to begin incorporating STOP. THINK. CONNECT. into your online routine. For more ideas on promoting National Cyber Security Awareness Month, visit the Get Involved page.

Our Shared ResponsibilityWe lead Internet-connected, digital lives. From our desks and homes to on the go, we work, learn and play online. Even when we are not directly connected to the Internet, our critical infrastructure—the vast, worldwide connection of computers, data and websites supporting our everyday lives through financial transactions, transportation systems, healthcare records, emergency response systems, personal communications and more—impacts everyone.

Cybersecurity is the mechanism that maximizes our ability to grow commerce, communications, community and content in a connected world.

– See more at: https://staysafeonline.org/ncsam/about#sthash.ufYZPnLc.dpuf

Tom Brennan
Chairman, NYMJCSC 2016